at the Paradiso

My G9 broke and now i’m left to take pics with my stupid phone, which i have to say turned out better than i thought it would, but that does not make it any better. It shows the idea though.

The set up:

The crew were up to more of the old madness and a lot of new insanity. The set up included a rotation of live bands and a skate park and a BMX floor show, all in the paradiso. This was kind of nuts to me, as this would never go down in the states like this without a ton of insurance, and all that other shit that makes Sk8’ing a more corporate soda sponsored thing nowadays.

Obviously he did not land this one, but moments later someone landed a 50/50 on the wheel as i was drinking beer and not doing my job of shooting pics for yall!

It was a really ill night thanks to Abner Preis and GLGP, The Slacker Nation and all the people that showed up to rep the vibe to the most. Good times.

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