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Part of what we like to think were doing here at wolf and pack is dealing with the next level of whats happening within this vast game of “street culture” or whatever you like to call it. When we opened our shop two years ago we were faced with the obvious task of finding brands to work with and support, that we like to think are as fucked up and hustle crazy as we are. This motivating ethic has led to a lot of interesting relationships with people and brands that are on the rise, and sure to make waves in the near future. Its always nice to help spread a good vibe, and this is definitely part of what were looking to accomplish, not just for our own brand, but others that are up to some good old fashioned mischief. So, with that string of thoughts in mind, we present to you, Award Tour!

Some words from owner/designer Phillip:

“The Award Tour is the type of brand that would rather not be classified as “street wear” or as a “lifestyle brand.” The basic concept behind this brand based out of New Jersey is much more simple than any type of boundaries you could place around it. The Award Tour creates clothing for those who live life to the fullest and by taking one glance at the blog or the videos from this brand and you will realize that they practice what they preach. Its obvious from their direction that this isn’t about cashing in on a quick explosion of the street wear industry. The clothing that comes out of this camp is a by product of the lives that they live, rather than clothing that tries to represent a life.

As far as the actual clothing, that speaks for itself. Clean, simple design that instead of following trend after trend merely establishes itself as the type of clothes you can throw on again and again. With an overwhelming message of succeeding against any odds translated through the clothing, the Award Tour is looking to do just that, and enjoy some Chinese food and bad Kung Fu movies all at the same time.”

These guys are up to something big for all the right reasons, check em out and cop some!

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