Walls Bars People And Joy

The old wall had been here for over a year… A year without change is a year without growth. I decided to invite Wayne, Abner, Slacker and the Last Plak Crew over for some beers and debauchery. The following pictures are considered evidence by more than one government.

The wall as it was. (part of it anyway)

The boys working on the remix.

After the wall was done it was off to the local gentleman’s club.

Abner decided to draw on Wayne.

Wayne decided to show the Rotterdam boys how we roll.

Drawing on strangers is fun, most of the time they are scared at first, but people are drunk at bars, and drunk people are known to make mistakes.

This chick was sitting alone, crying, after being drawn on she was face locked with a very creepy dude. Art brings joy to peoples lives, take a note on that people.

These two dudes seemed very against being used as canvas, no one likes being used. Luckily we are all trained arbitrators.

This guy got the best, worst, best of things. He seemed happy enough that there were no mirrors around.

To see how the wall came out, come on down to Wolf and Pack. Life is for living, not looking on the webz, didn’t this post teach ya anything?!

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