Negroes On Ice Debut
Prince Paul and son Paul Fresh graced the Knitting factory this past Saturday for their debut performance.
Wearing the Black Jesus Tee and ICE COLD tee. Big up to Negroes On Ice for repping the UC.


“It’s likely that Edan’s show wouldn’t have had the same effect had it not followed the DJ set by Prince Paul and his son Paul Fresh, billed as Negroes On Ice. Someone I was with speculated that the title is an allusion to Mabel Fairbanks, a figure skater in the ‘30s and ‘40s who shattered racial barriers by becoming the first black female professional figure skater. And judging from the shirt Prince Paul was wearing, a milk T-shirt with the words “Jesus Was Black” printed in coffee, that may well be the case. But the tone of the set was so blithe that it felt more like a playful jab, with PP and his seventeen-year-old son, who looks exactly like him, running through straightforward and uncluttered mixes of ‘90s hip-hop classics (“Come Clean,” “The Next Episode,” “MCs Act Like They Don’t Know”). Perhaps not revolutionary, but watching Paul affectionately help his son on the ones and twos, I gained comfort in watching the score to my youth passed on to a new, appreciative generation. Besides, it’s always fun to see a bunch of people dance to “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang.”
-from The Village Voice Blog

NEGROES ON ICE First performance
Prince Paul rockin’ the Black Jesus Tee
Negroes on Ice First performance
Prince Paul and Son Paul Fresh Rockin’ the Ice Cold Tee and Black Jesus Tee
negroes on ice
First public performance. in Ice Cold Tee and Black Jesus tee
NEGROES ON ICE First performance
Prince Paul and Son Paul Fresh Rockin’ the Ice Cold Tee and Black Jesus Tee.
Dustin Canalin

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