With March Madness upon us. Some that don’t follow sports, let alone, college sports, may not know that there is a bigger influence than just a basketball tournament.

From a fashion standpoint there is 1 team that used the hoopla of March Madness as their “rap video”. Before kids watched BET or MTV and then ran to their local cool sneakerhead boutique, there was Michael Jordan and Footlocker. He created the culture. Then came the Fab5.Not too many people (especially the NCAA) give the FAB5 from Michigan the credit of what they did.It was bigger than just being a 2nd place finisher in the tournament or 5 freshman’s taking a team to the final 4.

Some say Jordan was the first to wear baggy shorts. Any photo of Jordan’s so called baggy shorts will tell you that they were just a little bit bigger than the underwear. The Fab5 were the ones that created the trend and officially ended the short short standard.
They went below their knees and every kid including myself were running for the size 40 short shorts so that they can be bigger.

They unify their uniforms even more than just the jersey and short. Black socks. Matching shoes, bald heads

The big March Madness event was when they came out with the First Hurraches and then the Black Air Max’s. They were barkleys shoe but they were the ones that made them pop. Every kid tried to figure out what the hell they were wearing. It was a true search and discover. Not like today when you can find out what’s out before half the employees at the company on NIKETALK.

So with all that being said, UNDRCRWN honors the FAB5 as the most influential team ever.

Like Dre said. “We started this gangsta shit”.

And for that I thank them.




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