Standing outside of Wyclef Jeans recording studio, my homie Trev and I wondered what Wyclef would say if we asked him questions about being an artist in a commercial world. How much would he be willing to reveal as not to damage his image. Would he think we are cornballs? I mean, who the fuck are we, right? Why does Clef have to answer two regular dudes who haven’t achieved even a tenth of his success? Right? Well not so. Wyclefs studio was beautiful. Gigantic SSL mixing console in the control room, a live room filled with instruments and big windows that let in lots of natural light. Its how the pro’s roll. Trev and I setup in the live room and immediately start shooting the drums, guitars and keyboards that are everywhere.


Clef walks in with one of his engineers behind him, he greets us kindly and says “ill be right with you guys”, as he heads towards the windows to a rack that holds about 6 or 7 guitars. He picks one up and says to his engineer “i wanna give him one of these”. He is holding up something that looks like a Gibson, but I was too distracted with the environment and what was going on to really pay attention. He hands it to him and turns to us.

Clef: “So you guys wanna mic me?”
Trev: Nope, we are good.

NEW POP is about being natural. We are all about inspiration and telling stories with substance. We operate in a scene that is sometimes a little full of itself and so we prefer to be part of the force that returns people back to earth. Our questions for Wyclef were going to be about struggles and about art and about capitalism.

Wyclef is a genuine soul whose energy and enthusiasm was infectious. While I was speaking with him, I felt as tho he was probing me – checking to see where my head was at. I wondered what it was like for him. I bet everyone wants something from him. I bet it’s nice to be able to let his guard down and just have a real convo with no agendas attached. I hoped that maybe we could have one of those moments with him. I hoped he knew what we sought from him was not money or a gig or anything other then hope and inspiration. We wanted to leave there with a story that would encourage people to keep pursuing their dreams and to keep their heads high. I believe we did that. See for yourself. POP FILE: WYCLEF on THENEWPOP.COM


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