KDU x URB Magazine Revisit

About a year ago we took over the creative direction for URB magazine.  For over a year we managed all the creative responsibilities for the magazine. 
It was a great project and we enjoyed working with Ray, Josh, Brandon, Amy and the rest of the team.

These are some of the first images that never ended up being used. They are some of my personal favorites. Phil Knott photographed the lovely, Roxy Cottontail and Josh Vanover did a completely custom type treatment. We ended up producing enough art per issue to sink a battleship. I plan to showcase most of the unused work over the next month.

David Gensler

The Keystone Design Union x URB x Cool Kids and Roxy Cottontail 

Two of the first covers we produced.  Creative Directed by David Gensler and Photographed by Phil Knott - hand typography by Si Scott.  The Cool Kids and Roxy were great to work with and special thanks to Mishka and Alife for supplying the clothes. Paloma Perez did all the styling.  


The Keystone Design Union x URB x Jay Electronica
Another shoot by Phil Knott, Creative Directed by David Gensler. Another special thanks to Boundless NYC for allowing us the use of the store and supplying the fashion. Jay was great to work with and allowed us to explore many set ups and ideas.   


The Keystone Design Union x URB x Erika Badu

Creative Directed by David Gensler and Photographed by Phil Knott, this shoot took place for URB magazine. We used the famous Electric Lady Studio which was the NYC home of Jimmy Hendrix.  

Erika is one cool lady, allowing us to explore various set ups for half the night. She also personally shoots with a Leica M8… which if you have not had the chance to shoot with – it is a truly amazing photographic tool.  


The Keystone Design Union x URB x B.O.B
One of the early photo shoots for URB was with rapper B.O.B. – Creative Directed by David Gensler and photographed Phil Knott.
Extra thanks to Nick and friends at Boundless NYC for allowing us to use their store as a photo studio.  Extra thanks to Alife and SSUR for providing the fashion.

KDU x URB x 88 Keys
Creative Directed by David Gensler, some images of 88 Keys photographed by Eric Vogel for URB magazine.  

These are two of my personal favorite URB covers we produced. The top image of Janelle Monae was shot by Eric Vogel on a 100 degree day in Red Hook Brooklyn. Chuck Anderson did both graphical treatments on the main type face.

View the rest of the collection at kdu.net



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