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su casa es mi casa


su casa es mi casa is a project by a creative collective, within a peculiar and private space. Monty will move out of her appartment and home of five years this month, and to mark the end of this era, she will invite a group of close friends/artists to install what they see fit in each room of the flat. su casa es mi casa is an invitation to appropriate the private space of another for one’s own creative end, in other words, to reinvent it. In each unique space, the invited artists will carry out an intervention that will represent their personal work. su casa es mi casa will be composed of micro-spaces that form a total, cohesive space, or rather, micro-shows that will interact to form a grand exhibition.
su casa es mi casa will be the result of a collaboration of the invited artists. During the month, Monty’s house will be converted into the working space of the group. Little by little, the private space will become public. su casa es mi casa it will be opening only on Saturday, the 23rd of May, 2009.

* Liron Shua
* Mike Swaney
* Monty
* Moko
* Lucien Garin
* Miss Van
* My Dog Is Polite
* Natalia Pérez
* Bárbara Piffre

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