R.I.P. To The Fallen

Where is the special edition SB Dunk to commemorate the end of the scene?


Its not just on the news, shits real and its affecting even the big boys. My recent trip to NYC saddened me to see so many spots shutting down and taking their energy’s someplace else. This is not just the mom and pop shops, this is hitting everyone. Shits changing, and times passing. Its up to the core scene to keep things going, improve adapt and overcome.


I see the current scene as being comparable to that lull skating took in the early 90’s, when you were skating for skate, not cause you looked cool holding a stick. I believe strongly in the creative outlets T shirts and “Street” art afford us, i look forward to seeing the new talent that will emerge from this amazing roller coaster of time.


Word has it that Union might even be shutting their doors and becoming the new Stussy spot, normally i would think thats just a load of shit, but the way things are going now, i almost believe it.

PS- There were way more shops to take pictures of, but shit got depressing and i ditched out going around taking pics of graves.

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  1. Damn, didn’t know all these spots were goin under. I noticed the Stussy being gone my last visit. But I guess the buck didn’t stop there.

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