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In a world where hand writing is taken for granted I am happy to see some people still celebrate a classic art. I am not going to lie my hand writing is horrible, it is so bad that some times I can’t even read what I write. So I often sketch out ideas instead of write them down. But then I run into problems when taking exams because I can’t sketch out my answers (I have tried and things didn’t really work to my advantage). I remember as a kid my dad used to force me to write neat and he would say that people would judge you on how you write but I soon realized that neat hand writing is few and far between. Another interesting thing is that people often point out to me that I write my letter weird. They often say that I write backwards and reverse. Is never a big deal until I am writing something and someone is watching me. If I wasn’t so lazy I would upload a video of my handwriting but o-well.

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