Too much Lupe

Why dose MTV do that? Why do they like to overload on a single artist during every single commercial break. It gets too much and very repetitive, considering that they loop the same 4 clips over and over. I think i first noticed they did this with Team Facelift then I remembered M.I.A. and now Lupe. But its just too much, the same artist before, during and after every commercial. Back to the drawing boards on that one MTV.

More Lupe, I got no problem with the dude but I was watching your favorite COOL guy talking about UNCOOL things: Racism.

He makes some ill points: Racism is taught through history and the way to get rid of it is to keep it from our children but we won’t do that because we get pride from our history. (What if your history isn’t a great one, Lupe?)

He gets on the subject of the word, n*gga and contradicts himself and says he will never get rid of that word because it is part of our history. But Lupe didn’t you say something about racism being fueled by history? I’m confused what he means so if anyone can help me out drop something in the comments.


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  1. He definitely seems to be better at expressing his thoughts through music. He is young and I respect him a lot. Sometimes I feel like he gets pressure because people label him “the smart” rapper and expect him to always be profound and never contradictory. These rappers are bound to say strange things just like anyone. Especially when their popularity starts to climb and they get thrown into the spotlight.

  2. shortman scoop says:

    The promotion is called 52/52. The highlight a different artist every week for a year. It’s probably the only time you see any music on the network.. and definitely the only way you will see Bad Brains and Team Facelift and Santogold, etc on MTV. It’s the best thing they have done in ages (unless of course you are a ‘Hills’ fan.

  3. Thanks for the comment fellas

    Seth you are 100% right I learned a long time ago that entertainers entertain while teachers teach and not many can do them both. I think its Lupe’s glasses that make people thing he is “smart” (not to say he isn’t. I don’t know dude like that). People always tell me I “look smarter” when I put my glasses on.

    Bad Brains on MTV was dope but I like mine in moderation can’t just be overloading people. But you are right, it is better then nothing.

  4. I guess I know that I’m a fairly smart person and I say things all the time that may not make sense. Good thing I ain’t on TV. HAHA.

    I don’t think I watch enough MTV to get annoyed. One side of me is proud that he is getting shine, but I liked being the only one I knew to really bump his music like that.

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