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So one day I was sitting having lunch with my bosses and they are just talking about people they know/used to know/ have done business with. One of my bosses mentions to another boss, “You remember TONY?”

“Yeah I remember him”, replies my other boss. I asked “Who is TONY?” Then my boss turned and told me that this dude is one of the realest out there. He mad a joke about how he embodied New York Guido/Ginny style. The up front, fuck you style. (some one correct me if I’m wrong). So my boss told me to go check out his blog on Arkitip, so me being a knowledge fiend like I am I do a google search on homeboy and find his blog.

The thing that is different about his blog is that it is spoken recordings, which is brilliant because it feels a lot more real and organic. It makes shit come to life. If you know me you know I love hearing a good story as much as I love telling one. But homeboy goes in on his post and really gets dirty, swearing and cursing every other word but it flows and makes sense. He covers everything from art, to family, to even kicking it with the Rickster and never is it the same old dunks/ collaboration/ streatwear blah blah blah . The best part of it all is that in this world of cool guys trying to out cool each other he never really mentions what he has been most known for or what he is currently doing, besides raising a family. He keeps it real humble and dose not really want to be a E-Celeb.

I know I run the risk of getting flamed but as cool as hating is now a days, I’m gonna take a step in another direction and give props. Check it out: TONY

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