I gets busy…

I have been putting in some hours and got a few things cooking. Can’t really say much until things really pop off. For those who don’t know I am on PUMA North America Marketing team. I handle a lot of the viral marketing. One of my latest project is charity bike with Coolhunting.com. We teamed up and did a custom Urban Mobility bike. You guys all seen the glow bikes, well get a load of this!

You can have it, peep the Ebay auction kiddies!
Keep it cool!
Peep it.

Nu Goteh aka Supa, Supa Dupa NU, He is the Supa, MF NU, Jungle Juice NU, Nuology101, Next Year Nu, and All day, every day Goteh or simple NU! Young mind making big moves, stay tuned. Behind the scenes at some of your hype brands,blogs and people.

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