Going going back back to Cali Cali

Cali Pack

I am sure that if you have been online in the last week or so you have seen these joints. PUMA teamed up with some ill shops to add thier own touch to the Cali. Even though its not the usaul suspects it still some pretty ill collabs never the less.They drop on FRIDAY. Each shoe at thier own spot, one at Shoe Biz, another at Sportie LA and the last at the PUMA Store in Santa Monica. SHout out to Shad for doing it right!

Nu Goteh aka Supa, Supa Dupa NU, He is the Supa, MF NU, Jungle Juice NU, Nuology101, Next Year Nu, and All day, every day Goteh or simple NU! Young mind making big moves, stay tuned. Behind the scenes at some of your hype brands,blogs and people.

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