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Burnt out!

So my Macbook charger burnt out for the 4th time (no joke this is my fourth charger) I am really disappointed with how much Apple laptop chargers suck. But not having a charger has led me to realize how much the internet has become a central part of my life and how it consumes too much of my time.

I sit online at work all day then get home and I am online until I go to sleep. I have been charger less for about a week and a half and so far life is not that bad. I have been able to go to bed earlier and read a book or two. It is also good to unplug sometimes. I remember when people complain about watching too much TV but now the internet has replaced TV and is just as addictive. I am also not in a rush to buy an charger considering that they cost 79.99 (I told the Mac store associate that I would rather just steal one, the look on his face was priceless while my girl friend tried to reassure him that I would not steal it from them lol)

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  1. I agree the chargers are substandard to say the least. I expect this type of problem from other manufacturers. I have been lucky enough to able to repair the charger a few times by simply slicing the wires and puting some heat shrink on them. The most recent failure completely melted the wires together and caused an internal failure. I hate to say it, but I’m concerned about my house burning down with these things. They get hot enough to use as a space heater. It is for my wifes mac I gave her when I bought the new intel mac. Thankfully the new mag-safe charger hasn’t failed yet but it gets “HOT as well.” for shame apple!!!!!!!!!!!!

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