Around the way pt.1


A lot of people don’t know so with every post I like to add a little bit more about me. Im from Boston (well outside of Boston) and we have a little culture out here. I mean there are alot of weakness out here but there are a few good things. Such as: BODEGAS. That is one of my teams. Shout out to the them dudes for holding it down. You already know about the PUMA x BODEGAS Spy Hi but lets take a second to see what else is going on around the shop…

They just cleared out 2000 pairs of kicks with a crazy sale, it ended up with up to 70% off on some real heat with the last two hours being all that you can carry for $150. Crazy I know from what I was told (because I avoided the mayhem) there were lines in the rain.

They got some heat rock dropping with the good Dr. Some pretty ill jackets.


Nu Goteh aka Supa, Supa Dupa NU, He is the Supa, MF NU, Jungle Juice NU, Nuology101, Next Year Nu, and All day, every day Goteh or simple NU! Young mind making big moves, stay tuned. Behind the scenes at some of your hype brands,blogs and people.

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