Wallspankers.com Update.


Back in August I uploaded Wallspankers Issue 4 The response was incredible. In one week, traffic and dowloads exceeded my hosting package (750G) so I bought another 750G (the largest package available through NetworkSolutions. They call it “Pro”. Haha!). Sure enough, one week later, WS blew the roof off again. So again, I threw more money at my host to keep the site and high-res Issues 1-4 live. And again, we blew the doors clear off. It hurt so good… but I had to lay off, so I pulled down Issue 1-3. I’ve just now re-released the full collection at print resolution. Go take advantage of your office Xerox and get busy in the streets! Also check the Wallspankers World Map (Last 1000 visitors. All this week)… Not too shabby for a grassroots pdf-zine.

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