The touring ROJO/Smart Exhibition that I am a part of will be in Milano, Italy this month. (*Above artwork by Catalina Estrada)

16.04.2008 – 25.05.2008
Art exhibition printed in textile showcasing exclusive new works of 22 international artists inspired by the new smart fortwo at Mercedes Benz Center in Milano. More info.

Artwork by: MWM, Friends with You, Holly Stevenson, Deanne Cheuk, Chet Purtilar, Jemma Hostetler, Dalek, Ben Summers, Yoshi Tajima, Bruno 9li, Yoshi Sodeoka, Evgeny Kiselev, Vanessa da Silva, Cristiano Trindade, Meomi, Todd Tourso, Justine Ashbee, Tofer, Alex Prager, Catalina Estrada, Amir H. Fallah, Sergei Sviatchenko.

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