70 MPG. Believe that!

I recently worked with ZeegenRush & EURO RSCG & Citroen UK on this three ad “Green” Campaign for the new range of Citroen C-Cars. This project was an honor to work on for many reasons. First of all, it is positive (The C-Cars get between 60 and 70 MPG. No joke). And it is not entirely about the cars, the campaign highlights simple things you can do to be more “green”… like riding a bike and hanging clothes out to dry. The campaign also provided me the opportunity to get super-focused on realistic illustrations with my “Vectorfunk” style. Every detail had to be just right, the contours and angles needed to be dialed… but each illustration also needed the funky flair to bring it to life. This campaign is now live, running heavily in The UK. It is truly an honor to have been a part of this project. It was the most earth-positive illustration commission I’ve ever had. It’s a shame that we Americans can’t get affordable cars that get 70-MPG. Hopefully soon… Click-Zoom.

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