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I was recently thinking about blogs & the interweb & computers & all this new stuff I have seen come into existence in my years & of course the internet is a wild one – you could spend all day & night for many a’weeks searching and looking and digging up all sorts of goodies & bizarreness, and like everyone at one point or another I find myself spending too much time wasting time on the computer web & not actually having interaction with actual people, this isn’t a major problem in my life – but even still – it made me think about what i enjoy doing with friends, new or old – and i think that one of the things that ranks up there is going out an’ eating pizza, so i figured a good first post would be to invite all or any of you that might be reading this to post up in the area for comments (I think you can comment on here.. right?) But yea, comment up your favorite local Pizzeria & if ya wanna mention maybe a fun pizza story that you may have had with one of your friends – that’d be nice too.

Hope all is good & I hope you enjoy wasting a few minutes of your time in the future checking out my blog here at the Format.

piece out,

I enjoy drawing. My inspiration stems from Holiday in Cambodia, Geraldo getting hit with a chair, Rip Torn, that little old guy that was Benny Hill`s side-kick, Mr.T, Shaft, Dolemite, Superfly, Foxy Brown, Neil Diamond, What`s New Pussy Cat, Deputy Dawg, The San Diego Padre`s Chicken, Marty Scorscesse, Bobby Deniro, Junk Yard Dog, J.J. Jackson, Pineapple Now`n`Laters, Kareem Abdul Jabar in the movie Airplane, Paul Reubens at the movies, Mr. Green Jeans, Dr. Hook`s `Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk`, The Banana Splits, Darby Crash, Public Enemy, Donald Duck swearing in duck language, Good Times, The Three Men and a Baby Boy, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Edith Massey, Flounder, Mushmouth, Gary Coleman, Tootie, Jack Tripper`s friend Larry, Ozzy, Lux Interior, Earth, Wind & Fire, Harvey Keitel in The Bad Lieutenant, NWA, Female Trouble, that `Where`s the Beef?` lady, Raging Bull, Prison tattoos, Larry, Daryl & Daryl, Shemp, Jeff Spicoli, Chris Farley, Ted from Mary Tyler Moore, Ol`Dirty Bastard, Bruce Lee, The Fat Boys, Car Wash, Froggy from The Little Rascals and Hot Buttered Soul. {partial list}

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  1. I find myself spending many hours at time looking up new things on the web. Mostly when I get obsessed with something such as a new artist or genre of movies and search for hours to find new interesting works of art. Considering a funny pizza story, well not that funny but whenever my girlfriend and I threw parties we would always invite the pizza guy up for some drinking, usually around 2 in the morning. It was I guess fun and interesting to invite a stranger up but knowing the person in not someone to worry about since he was a friendly pizza guy.

  2. It made me smile reading this post and comment, as I too feel that often I am in the same situation. I will trawl the net everyday for new artists, designers, and musicians, yet feel I haven’t yet begun to really contribute to the internet. I am currently in the process of creating my own blog and website so I can be a part of this bigger community. As for pizza, one time a few of us decided to go for the lunchtime all you can eat, one of my mates actually went for a *poo* halfway through the meal just so he could stuff more pizza inside of him. Not that It would’ve actually helped, however we all found this rather amusing at the time!

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