Last week LA & Vegas this past weekend Mardrid!

So this past weekend i got to jump out to Spain to visit the lady for a weekend… its my 3rd time in spain and i always have a good time.

Here are a couple pics from just walking around my first day in town.







So after walking around all day waiting for the lady to get off work… we met up with some people and found this shitty little bar which is about 13’x13′ inside and has the record in the guinness book of world records for serving over 250 different types of beers daily! The menu at the bar shows the alcohol content for every beer… and they had some with as much as 12% alcohol!
holler at you boy!

Every wall had beers on it. No open wall space.

2 of the biggest beers i’ve ever seen.

Me and the misses

The misses

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