I don’t get a chance to see my girl too much… So when an opportunity pops up i jump on it.
Check out my Madrid in a flash!
Clock shows 12 something… but i arrived a few hours before.

I brought her some gifts from the LJ camp. posters printed by Upendo and I.

Used to be a nice view before the construction.
This past weekend was the first in a while that we didn’t have anything to do. S what do i do… Jump on a plane to spend 14 hours flying back in forth from Madrid to New York only to spend 24 hours with her!
When i got in town i saw that Beautiful loser was exhibiting in Madrid… and although i didn’t have time to go see the show. i did notice and documented all the new street graphics around town.
Calle Mayor

As soon as we leave her house… we run right into the middle of protest for the Sahara!

5-0 walking away from the protest.

Then they get wild!!

Every one loves a Policia tank in the middle of the city!

Chimays at her favorite Belgium bar a couple of her work mates!


Yakshi aka (Yakshizzzle)


Dinner time! As many times as i’ve been to Madrid… i’ve been hearing about Toni’s…

I’m not a huge foods documentarian… so when i 3-4 inch steak gets placed in front of me… i tend to forget about taking photos and i pick up my knife and start cutting.
On to the Free shots!

She’s so happy i’m here!

Michelle and Toni himself

We did go out to a few places after dinner… but i was too drunk by then to take photos!
10am sunday morning… back at the airport.

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