The excitement surrounding this drop has been enormous, and now that Kanye West is showing love on his blog, we figure it’s time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag and welcome Karmaloop newcomer Urbanears into the spotlight.

The sleek Scandanavian collective at Urbanears goes beyond superior sound quality and promotes a deeper connection to color, form and people while allowing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience. With an already solid reputation in functionality, Urbanears takes pride in creating headphones that fit everyday life, providing an ideal listening device for anyone with a cache of solid tunes and the desire to make (and hear) the most of them.

Go to the jump to learn more about Urbanears’ three distinct models and the sizes, styles, designs and functions that further enhance what many of us hold so dear – our music.

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“We designed Plattan to be the perfect classic headphone, utilizing innovative functions and performance with today’s technology. It is a full-size headphone allowing for rich, secluded sound. You can fold it down to the size of your fist for maximum mobility. Plattan also comes with a “Zound Plug,” allowing for a friend to plug in and enjoy your music.”



“The Tanto is designed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance. It’s our tribute to the 80’s revolution in mobile music, updated with the latest technology. The Tanto is made for everyday use, to be taken along wherever you go, like a good friend.”



Medis is your new favorite music experience. With a sleek and minimal design and the functionality of its larger siblings (Plattan and Tanto) but the obvious benefits of an in-ear. The revolution, however, is the “EarClick patent which anchors the ear-piece securely in place with perfect comfort and lets it stay in place.”


Zound Plug: “Experiences are best shared. The Zound Plug is actually not a plug, but rather a socket that allows your friend to plug into your earcap and listen to the same thing as you are listening to.”

EarClick: “The EarClick is the result of years of development and simply an ergonomic revolution of in-ear headphones. The construction is based on secuting the position in the outer ear at two opposing points. The advantages of this is primarily a far more ergonomic and comfortable fit that stays in place. The construction also rests at a smalldistance from the ear canal rather than covering it up which may leasd to losses of balance for a significant portion of humanity. The EarClick also comes with seveninterchangable pads guaranteeing a custom fit for any ear. In short, try it and you will never use anything else.”

Plug Extensions: “All Urbanears products come with two extra cable extensions. We supply these simply because there are no standards out there. Our default plaug is a two way construction compatible with a majority of all devices. The four contact point extension is specifically designed for Nokia devices allowing for you to fully utilize the microphone and remote. The remote other extension is a neautral stereo plug that is preferable with sources such as stereos, computers, music players and other one-way communication devices. The standard plug is fully functional without the neautral extension in many cases but older products may read information differently and this extension is for those cases.”





In short, those of you into in-ear headphones are going to tweak – the earbud system featured on the Medis is like nothing else as far as holding them in place and keeping a balanced sound; the Plattan stereo headphones feature secluded and ridiculously clear volume, sound and thumping bass (112dB, 20kHz); while the Tanto joints are, aesthetically, for you throwback kids – and still bump almost as loud as the in-ear and stereo models.

Some dig the minimalist style to the Urbanears pieces, but the innovations are where it’s at with these cats: the aforementioned earbud system, iPod/Blackberry compatible mics on each model, 14 different colorways and nothing over $60 – huge upgrade if you’re still using standard iPod headphones.

Click here to see more colorways, photos and details at Urbanear’s web site, and stay tuned for the November release date.



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