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The TK Society Sneaker in Black Suede

Built specifically for Supra pro rider Terry Kennedy, The TK Society Sneaker in Black Suede is as smooth and burly as the man’s style on the skate decks. Featuring suede side, instep, toe and tongue panels with a perforated suede heel panel, that alone screams “don’t fucking wreck me.” Not to worry, friends – with a background steeped in birthing the gnarliest street skaters to ever tear concrete apart, the super-tough TK joints can take a slaying and still keep it’s swagger (hate that word, but whatever).


The TUF Muska Skytop Sneaker in Black Gunny

Speaking of tough – or rather, TUF – The Skytops in Black Gunny are about as hard as three day-old steak but much tastier. Typical suede starts to show wear, tear and abrasion after roughly 25 to 40 days in the elements. Supra’s TUF suede, however, goes through more than 200 estimated cycles before showing even a hint of scuffing (see the product description for more details). Waterproof and super breathable, TUF suede furthermore grabs on to griptape so well that you’ll wonder how you ever skated another shoe brand. Our advice: don’t. TUF’n up, bia.


The Vaider Sneaker in TUF Black Gunny

Now it’s just a matter of personal taste – Skytop or Vaider? We wouldn’t dare ask you to pick just one. It’s tantamount to the boobies vs. booties debate; why chose one when you could have both?


The Jim Greco Thunder Sneaker in Black Canvas

Arguably the most comfortable shoe Supra has ever produced. Without any frills, embellishments or other distractions, The Thunder pro models are aesthetically polar opposites of namesake pro and Johnny Thunders understudy, Jim Greco. Don’t get thrown off by the canvas if you’re in the market for a sturdy, comfortable, durable shoe – with interior padding and reinforced detail in all of the right places, Greco’s signatures are just as well suited tearing up Babylon or while you’re out Looking for a Kiss later that night.


The Dixon Sneaker in Black Gum Canvas

Whoever said that black and brown should never be worn together deserves a slap in the face with The Dixon Sneaker’s gum rubber soles. Seriously – hard enough so that the backwards Supra logo is a constant reminder of said fool’s stupidity. Antwuan Dixon‘s signatures are fresh to death and tough enough to withstand twice the time our dude spent getting his face inked up. If you’re looking for a low top sneaker to either skate senseless or keep your feet light when running from the beast, look no further – while not as TUF as the Skytop or Vaider high tops, Dixon’s joints are no fuckin’ joke. Shake Junt, son!

This is just a small sampling of the Supra Fall drop at Karmaloop – click the banner below to take a look at the rest of the styles, colorways and innovative tweaks to some old favorites, as well as a grip of new tees and hats:



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