From the home of The Warriors and The Cyclone, where dreams and the requiems from which they are composed are often shattered and unrealized, New York’s Brooklyn dons Sneaktip come correct with that fix for the sneaker fiends worldwide each and every season.

Repping Coney Island heavy, the Sneaktip set takes over at Karmaloop this week with it’s latest drop filled with tees, sweatshirts, outerwear, hats and more designed by sneakerheads, for the sneakerheads. It’s in the name, afterall – amongst the cult of the sneaker (SNEAK) obesessed, always on the tip (TIP) to find the elusive diamond-in-the-rough or frozen filet mignon-rare sneaker release, these dudes learned long ago that copping the matching colorway is often next to impossible. However, where some make lemonade when life whips a lemon to the melon, Sneaktip made a brand to flawlessly bring those limited Jordans together with a fly track jacket, fresh tee or clean as fuck New Era.

This year’s autumn drop features the first time in Sneaktip history that the brand offed the middlemen and went direct with it’s own cut & sew, gaining complete control over the cuts, the fabrics, the prints and the fits. Needless to say, we’re hella impressed and will be spending the rest of the night trying to findsome super-elusive limited editions to match up with just some of the gems from the newest collection:


The Crackle Hat in Gray


The Reversable Triple Proof Vest in Black


The Fight the Power Crew Sweatshirt in Black


The Sneaktip 718 Tee in Black

Stay tuned for more from the Sneaktip gang this week!



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