Slime, Skulls, Death and Tattooed Women? Thanks, REBEL8!


Yes, it’s true – REBEL8, purveyors of hip-hop and heavy metal influenced-graffiti art with serious undertones of death have unleashed another set of their killer tees at Karmaloop, along with some gear to cover that melon of yours, too (so long as your head fits).

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Former-graffiti and tattoo artist Mike Giant, the holy hand behind all of the hand-drawn (yeah, you read that right) artwork on all their products has blessed the citizens of the interweb and street culture with his new designs. Above left you’ll see The Stuck Up Tee, which features a pair of ladies covered head to toe in Giant’s tattoo artwork flashing a REBEL8 gang symbol. If we had these two girls repping our gang, there would be no warfare or strife. Just lots of ogling.

Above right is The Locked Up Tee, which has a drawing of a huge skull with a keyhole in the middle of his forehead and “Rebel Eight” keys underneath. What do the keys unlock, you ask? Fortune? Happiness? The true reason behind death? Evan Rachel Wood? We hear that if you buy the tee, you find out. You could call Mike Giant and ask him yourself, but I think he’s busy creating amazing shit that will blow our future minds while we sit here drawing skull faces in MS Paint.

r8 3r8 4

We weren’t lying about the slime, people. The aptly named Slimeballs Tee (above left) features a gooey take on the classic REBEL8 logo, making it ooze, grow some hair… even sprouting an eye that stares right back at you. This shit is nasty in a good way. The Reapo Man Tee may remind you of former days where large men from a rental company break down your door and (legally) steal all your shit, except this Reapo Man is Dr. Death himself, the Grim Reaper. The Reaper looks all hopped up on something, hiding behind the REBEL8 logo like a fiend looking for some souls to collect.

r8 5r8 6

Now at Karmaloop you can cop some New Era fitted caps with some Mike Giant-designed handiwork. The Eight Pack Fitted Hat (above left) is 100% wool, and features a doubled up version of hardcore punk band Black Flag’s logo. Channel your inner Henry Rollins and rock this immediately. To continue the skull obsession, The Three Amigo Fitted Hat has the three best friends anyone could ask for embroidered on the front, staring and grinning at you like they just sipped some bad Kool-Aid. Did we mention that both of these caps have REBEL8 embroideries under the brim? Push the hat back and let your allegiance show. You can also show your allegiance to REBEL8 by checking out the brand page and grabbing their gear while supplies last.



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