RockSmith Presents: All That Matters


Most epic fuckin’ lookbook ever…

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Fuckin’ Alphabet City – one day can last forever when it’s the only thing that matters. Stunts, blunts and skateboards are on the mind of nine friends hanging out downtown on yet another carefree day in New York City. Rame, Mighty and Specs run into their homegirls and most favorite sexy “L.E.S.bians” at Tompkins Square Park, and it looks like there’s a house party tonight.

All That Matters will premiere first in trailer form, with a full-length edit to follow. The feature was directed and produced by the infamous Lazlo and Erik of Kilo (Rocksmith Clothing). A.T.M. is one of the first video features to be shot entirely using the Japanese Harinezumi camera.

The carpe diem attitude of All That Matters is visually paired with the Rocksmith Holiday ’09 collection. The line features progressive cut & sew with vintage quality and fabrication, such as the OG Varsity Jacket with distressed leather sleeves and the corduroy/French terry Apex pullover. The Stunts Blunts tee puts a NYC twist on a California classic, while New Money is the anthem blaring through the Boombox skate deck speakers.

rocksmith film2

Directed and Produced by: Lazlo & Erik (Kilo/Rocksmith)

Music: Jay Reatard (Matador Records) “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me”

Starring: The homies, just doin’ what they do.

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