MadeMe Spring!






MadeMe’s first collection dropped in Fall 2007, and sold out across the globe. Pretty crazy for a brand’s debut, right? But what can you expect from a Production Manager for Umbro AND Supreme? MadeMe’s Owner/Designer Erin Magee’s second collection, inspired by the powerful American working woman, is absolutely the appropriate successor to MadeMe’s first collection. Sending a positive message to the young female hustlers of America, MadeMe is a symbol for power, beauty, and quality.

Karmaloop sends praise to Erin, the MadeMe team, and the world’s ladies that are hustling.

Stay hustlin’!


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  1. Something smells funny here.. That last tee w/ the legs suspiciously looks like the FUN logo for a Studio B flyer i did for Chromeo, Kid Sister, and Flosstradamus last year.

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