LRG’s Time and Space (A New Refutation of…) [Digable Planets Version]


To “the hip hop diggin’ cats just deliverin’ the words, from the ghetto-dwellin’ youth to the bourgies in the burbs – and it’s good to be here.”

What better way to kick off the week than some classic Digable Planets and new LRG? And not just any LRG – new LRG timepieces, son. These are set to blow up Where I’m From.


The LRG x G-SHOCK collaborations over the past few years have been nothing short of the 9th Wonder of the world, and with all of the hype and acclaim accompanying each drop, we know you all agree. Thus, it was only a matter of time (yeah, pun) before The Lifted Research Group bumped the middleman and delivered straight from the source, and our fam came through in a surprise move that was met with an enthusiastic “YEEE-OOOH” when the shipment arrived at ‘Loop World Headquarters last week.

Moving from the familiar G-SHOCK template and going with a style all it’s own, The LRG Icons Watch series finds a Rebirth of Slick with a total grown-folks aesthetic (Cool Like Dat) with signature LRG embellishments (the LRG logos on the face are killer) and the supreme quality we have come to expect from The Lifted Ones… and, of course, more funk than a Blowout Comb.

That’s one massive 48 mm stainless steel case with quartz movement on this slightly over-sized watch face, with the LRG “Grass Roots” tree logo engraved on the back and on the dial, as well as an iconic “no. 47″ engraved at the clasp. Deciding against leather bands, LRG not only made us animal-lovers happy, but went with an uber-strong silicon band adding a suckerpunch of rugged toughness to it’s beauty, something like a setting sun over a Brooklyn Sky as seen from Graffiti-scarred rooftops. The colorways are fresh for the fall, from the triple black bad ass (above left) to the green-faced smoker (below right) that will match your Nickle Bags nicely, while the brown and gold edition exudes more class than late-’70’s porn honchos.


Click the banner below to get a closer look at LRG’s latest timepiece offerings before Jettin’ over to check out the rest of the fall madness at Karmaloop.



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