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Karmaloop‘s favorite Swedish chefs, the incomparable WeSC crew, has just hit us with a grip of it’s fall madness, featuring some crazy new denims, fresh jackets, signature tees, your favorite hoodies and some killer hats.

A departure from lines past, WeSC got all grown-folks on us with takes on the traditional fedora and newsboy caps only these gentlemen and classy ladies could come up with. Corduroy on a newsboy? We never thought so, but WeSC proved us wrong with The East Side Cord Hat, a slick number in both black and a light brown that exudes more class than sipping beer from a wine glass. The Ricardo Hat (above right), WeSC’s first attempt at the fedora, has won us over immediately. It could be the heather gray or heather brown colorways, it could be the omittance of the silly ribbon-and-feather combo, but we’re settled on the fact that it’s a New Era collaboration (for serious!), meaning that this might be the first fedora to truly accommodate your odd-shaped head, dingus. Fedora fits are always so hit or miss, and thanks to WeSC, that might be a thing of the past. Oh, almost forgot – The East Side Cord Hat is a New Era joint, too. Now what’s your excuse for sticking with baseball hats?


We’re some jacket loving fiends over here at KarmaloopBlogs, and WeSC is happy to provide even less closet space for us this fall. The Hanley Japanese Selvage Jacket is, in our opinion, the centerpiece the drop so far featuring it’s untouchable 11.5 oz. Japanese ring-spun selvage stretch denim (98% cotton and 2% elastane – tough and flexible, like bad beef jerky but much tastier in this case). Our heads are in a whirl just thinking of the hoody combinations we’re ready to link this one up with. Same goes for The Willie Jacket, a track jacket so hood that the prototype could have been pulled from Eazy-E‘s tomb. Loving the varsity stripes at the collar, cuffs and hem, and the embroidery at the chest featuring the Icon logo and on the back shouting out Superlative Conspiracy status is gonna match up with our locs and Compton hats nicely.


Ah, the ubiquitous buttondown. WeSC does ‘em right and they hit us with a bunch of fresh, new colorways, innovative plaid patterns and that same ol’ familiar fit that has made WeSC buttondowns the Kings of the Mountain for the past few years now. The Abdon and Adilis Buttondowns are our picks of this litter, but definitely check out the rest of the WeSC buttondown collection and you’re bound to find your new favorite.


What can we say about WeSC tees that hasn’t already been said about long weekends, friends with benefits and a good high? Get ready for more of The Overlay and Icon Tees in colorways we never thought possible, new prints that are anything but boring or typical, ill colaborations and a bunch of color block tees that define originality.

We hereby issue an open challenge to define Japanese artist Madsaki‘s work, but in the meantime, check the collabo tee (above left) and sweatshirt. Featuring a Far East-inspired WeSC logo and a stylized lotus flower worked from Madsaki’s own “M” logo, this print is as beautiful and nearly as dangerous as the fireworks manufactured in his homeland. Frequent collaborator Stash is back for the fall, not to mention a few surprise hook-ups with some more big name street artists – keep an eye out.


We touched on it a bit earlier, but WeSC denims are simply killin’ shit – always have, always will be. The Marwin Jeans have been our consistent choice each season with it’s regular fit (i.e. “not nut-huggers”), Japanese ring-spun selvage stretch denim, perfect contrast stitching and button fly (the days of the zipper are numbered, mark our words). The Superlative Conspiracy has a fit for everyone, from the super-slim Alessandro Jeans to the roomier Standard Jean, in all of the washes you could ever need. Put the Levi’s to the side for a while, trust us.



Since we started carrying these gems a couple seasons back, WeSC headphones have been going out as quickly as they have been coming in thanks on part to the surprisingly superior sound quality as well as the innovative, original designs now blessing skulls across the globe. Whether you’re the active type (earbuds) or the kind to kick back and enjoy your sonic freakout sessions (stereo), WeSC has a style and sound for you to rock on with, and in so many colors that even the Crayola folks wouldn’t know how the classify these bangers.

This was a drop of epic proportions by the sweetest Swedes, so click the banner below to check out the rest of the Stockholm steez!



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