Introducing: Ginormous


Finally… a lifestyle brand for those of us who think big, dream bigger, and live the largest.

Introducing the latest brand to hit Karmaloop, Ginormous is making it’s grand entrance on the site with mega-detailed prints, premier fits, rad pop culture references and a harder drive than Michael Schumaker. Keeping with it’s “go big or go home” nature, every tee produced by these large and in-charge cats is super limited-edition, so once these gems are gone, they’re gone. We’ll have you know that these guys are kind of a big deal, and trust us, plenty of folks want these tees to be on them.



Our pick of the lot has to be The Good Money Tee, featuring the marquee names of both Kanye West’s Good Music and Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money record labels. Presented with stunning artist detail (peep the signature Jesus piece on CuDi, authentic ink on Weezy and Ginormous gear laced on everyone) and a Ginormous/Good Music/Young Money hybrid logo above, we’re predicting future classic status for this tee featuring four legends in the making.



Inspired by one of the craziest lines spit by the past year’s most-hyped new artist; our dude Drake wants us to be honest, huh? In that case, we think there’s only one thing in this world better than Megan Fox… and that’s two of her, courtesy of The Lets Be Honest Tee. You all may not remember Megan’s notorious Maxim magazine spread (check your spank-bank files), but Ginormous sure does, and they did everyone a favor here by giving Ms. Fox the pin-up treatment. Thanks, fam!



Keeping on with the Young Money and Good Music theme, The After Dinner Tee is a bitter treat for all the two-faced shit-talkers out there. Ginormous must have been as floored as the rest of us when Kanye ended his verse on Keri Hilson’s breakout track “Knock You Down” with “So what’s it gonna be – dessert or disaster?” Addressing the haters without alienating the masses has become second nature to ‘Ye throughout the past couple years, and the Ginormous piece pays tribute with a sweet blow-up.

Mmmmm… these tees look good. I mean, really good. Hey, everyone! Click the banner below and see how good these tees look!



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