“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”


Are we too naive to keep our eyes closed,
are we too young to not begin to lead,
are we too lazy to seek the truth,
are we so complacent that we will not move?
How can they write history for us,
how can we let them oppress the willing,
how can we sit in times of turbulence,
how can we listen to the inflated lies?
We are the force of the masses,
we are the thought of our inventions,
we are the dawn of the coming,
we are the truth of the times!

We are the friends of the revolution.


Let’s face it; making a bold statement or tribute to a cause is not always first and foremost on a brand’s agenda while brainstorming an upcoming drop. Unfortunately, the few brands that do face that risk are rarely serious about their design and intentions, focused rather on a quick buck and striking while the iron is hot (‘sup, Michael Jackson tees).

Amivectio is not one of those brands.

Through design, communication, and the strength of community, Amivectio strives for equal opportunity, tolerance, peace and progress, education, health and sustainability, as well as clean air, water, soil and energy for our generation and those behind us with each and every tee it produces.

Oh, almost forgot to mention – this crew gets down with some ill fuckin’ designs when they’re not out saving the world. We’re loving the no-bullshit, militaristic approach to The Truth Seekers Tee with it’s bright yellow stencil-itis, and The Soprano State Tee, a shout to New Jersey and Tony, Paulie and Silvio’s set, while the vintage aesthetics kill on The Movers Tee, complete with the horse-drawn buggy, and The Anchors Away Tee, sure to keep you weighed down with a fair share of propers and compliments for copping such a gem.

Check it:


The Truth Seekers Tee (L); The Soprano State Tee (R).


The Movers Tee (L); The Anchors Away Tee (R).

Be sure to keep an eye out for Amivectio and click the banner below to check out the line here at Karmaloop; in the meantime, check out the flick our man Rich and the boys went and produced that – incredibly- tops last season’s effort. Click the image beneath the banner or at the top of the page to check it out.



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