Hellz… Boyz?



Yeah, that’s right.

Your girl’s favorite brand just put out a few tees for all of us dudes, and we’re pretty fuckin’ impressed. We’ve always loved Hellz’ tee designs on our ladypals in and out of the office, and now we can fiiinally coordinate and go out wearing matching outfits (seriously, don’t).

Although a major point of concern when brands typically geared towards women start producing men’s gear (or vice-versa) is that the cuts may take a few seasons to really find a groove, but Hellz is spawning hits on the first attempt. No too-short sleeves and hems, not obscenely slim around the chest and waist…. just… well, perfect.

Extensive as Hellz’ line for the ladies is, expect the same for the men’s side, and stay tuned for a huge fall drop filled with more tees, denims, sweaters, hoodies, jackets and some crazy fuckin’ surprises. In the meanwhile, hit the banner below to get a closer look at the tees they have blessed us with for the time being… Hellz is comin’ for you!




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