Guess what we’re doing all weekend?


We’re gonna roadtrip up north and fuckin’ hurt ourselves!

There is nothing – nothing - like the freedom one feels hiking up to the park run after run (to hell with lift tickets) and going big, getting inverted, finding your spot and stomping that shit like you’re J.P. Walker. The sound of a board screaming down handrails is music to our ears, the smell of clean, cold, fresh air is second only to the smell of ridiculous hydro – even the force of a face-first bail after underestimating the landing and hearing your buds scream on your behalf holds a special place in our shriveled black hearts. Throughout our short holiday break coming up, it’s time for livin’.

We know there are more of you out there who daydream of flawless runs, fresh powder and untouched backcountry while suffering from inner city blues during the work week, and Karmaloop has primo shit from some of the market’s best and most reliable brands. Allow us to give you a chance to dream a little longer this afternoon and check out some of the latest snow gear that’s dropped here at The ‘Loop.


From the brand that started it all, Jake Burton Carpenter and company have been doing it since before they even knew what they were doing.

Founded in 1977 after improving on a children’s toy called a “snurfer,” Burton started the revolution and damn near 30 years later, they are still the undisputed kings of the mountain. The company is filled with dedicated snowboarders, and their experiences riding before, during and after work around the company’s Stowe Mountain-based offices go into each and every product, from the hardware to outerwear. For beginners and established pros alike, Burton gear is simply unfuckwithable.


The Burton Traction Jacket


The [ak] BK Insulator Jacket


Providing style, performance and protection wherever your adventure takes you, be it the backcountry, glades, parks, snowy stairways or trooping through the elements on the way to the subway during your morning commute, Isaora is challenging stereotypes by creating high-end snowboard apparel designed “with an elevated aesthetic” that performs both on the slopes and the concrete streets. We love these folks since they are all about living on, and for the edges – a good challenge is what makes life so worthwhile after all, and Isaora has met all challenges head-on, producing some of the snow scene’s cleanest jackets with the most innovative fabrics on earth.


The Mercury 3L Hard Shell Jacket


The ISA-ID 2-L Printed Tech Jacket


What started as just another hustle in 2002, purchasing blank beanies, hats and headbands before marking each with hand-painted logos, Shaun Neff’s fledgling headwear brand found notoriety soon after after linking up with pro snowboarder Nate Bozung on the fresh glades of Utah’s picturesque slopes.

Realizing a very particular niche could be satisfied after getting props from the likes of Travis Rice, Likka Backstrom, Lauire Heiskari and skateboarders Lizard King and Adam Dyet, NEFF was born as the first authentic, market-specific headwear company for snow and skate and has since gone global with it’s aspirations.


The Jessie (left) and Daily Beanie


The Fold (left) and Trio Beanie

Hope to see some of you on the mountain this weekend! Here’s to wishing you all a very happy holidays from your friends at Karmaloop – have fun, be safe, and you’ll be hearing from us on Monday!


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