Get Off The Stage!


Too Short’s new album (his 19th!), Get Off the Stage brings new talents to his veteran California gangsta style. Repping Oakland for over 4 decades, Too Short knows how to play the game. The record is brought to life though through fresh collaborations with rap’s newcomers. With help from talents such as Mistah F.A.B., Mr. Hollywood and Berkeley based and Karmaloop favorite, The Pack, Too Short manages to stay spanking new with O-town beats.

Ten years ago Too Short aided in putting Northern California on the map in terms of hip-hop and proved he plans to keep the East Bay alive when he discovered The Pack three years ago. The track Dum Ditty Dum features the Berkeley boys themselves representing the Bay. By merging with one of the newest eruptions out of Norcal, Too Short’s collab with The Pack takes California Love nationwide.

Too Short tells it like it with lyrics you almost feel embarrassed to be listening to: The rapper goes so far as to say, “All gangstas are strippers” and the best line on the album, “If you’re name’s Too Short why you so fucking big?”! Good question.

In the current entertainment world where a 14 year old can get a hit single, Too Short celebrates his 20th anniversary at Jive with the release of the album. He proves with Get Off the Stage he can still pump out credible raps after all these years. It’s chill Too Short, you can stay on the stage.


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