A notice to the would-be tee-shirt designers out there: when a government entity threatens to sue you over a print, you know that you’ve finally made it to the big time. You should also know that said entity is totally not joking.

Our buds over at Creep Street got the word from the World Wildlife Federation earlier this week to cease and desist all future reproductions of the infamous WTF?! Tee, meaning that this absolute gem will be off the market in just hours – gone from the industry, but not from our shriveled, blackened hearts, however.

This is your last chance to cop this future collector’s item both here at Karmaloop as well as the Creep Street Chopping Mall (new colorways), but you gotta be quick! There’s no telling exactly how long this hippie-hated, much-debated, oft-masturbated tee will be available, so get on it!




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