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We’ve mentioned before that Amongst Friends is becoming one of our best pals on account of the crisp n’ classy cleanliness of each piece, and those adjectives certainly apply to the line of tees. The bold, vintage aesthetics of each print are fucking killin’ shit with lucid, yet ornate details – from the shading on the scales of The Snake Tee (below right) to the arrow and olive branch detail on that and The Offerings From New York Tee (above right), this crew leaves no stone unturned and not one bit of minutia undiscovered. For real, just wait until we run you through the detail on The AF Ace Vest and Varsity Sweatshirt tomorrow…

… digression time. Pop culture is not lost on Amongst Friends, but to our pleasure, it’s more along the lines of Pop’s culture than that of your little sister with tees covered in glitter, gold foil and bullshit. The Johnny Classic Tee‘s inspiration (above left) from the bottom of a Johnny Walker bottle is definitely toast-worthy, with some words to live by printed right there for the next time you wake up face-down in some Bigfoot pussy that looked like Meagan Good the night before – “Giving up drinking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” Someone famous said that… oh yeah – Jesus. Just kidding.


Click the banner below to get a look at these gems and more, plus some Fall ’09 leftovers about to be gobbled up like five-day old turkey and stuffing – gotta love these sales, pals.


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