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“When I sin, I sin – real gooooood…”

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Our favorite troublemakers are back at Karmaloop with a fall drop that’s definitely gonna piss some people off. Republicans, squares, snobs, cops, parents, the church… yep, all fair game and Freshjive is playing with nothing to lose.

Do you have any idea how boring life would be without a good sin once in a while? Who doesn’t like to rage, pig out, lay around, hate on folks, count stacks, check out fine trim, and be proud of of it all? Shit, that’s a standard morning for us, and so far, so good – well, aside from constant pat-downs, face-slaps and dirty looks, but we digress. Freshjive knows that there are more sin-ister heads out there, and The Lust Anger Greed Tee (above left) is for you glorious motherfuckers. With a large print listing and illustrating the seven best things in the world, flaunt your hedonism safely by wearing it when you’re not living it.

Hmmm. This one might get us in trouble. But, we are who we are, and we like what we like – and we’re totally stoked that Freshjive is on the same page. The I Love Big Black Ass tee… well… it is what it is – honesty. Miss Six O’Clock? Girl, please. You need to check your diet and start eating right if you’re going to catch our love, attention and affection.

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Now, this is a diet to live on.

The herbal diet is one that’s been a staple in our lives since junior high and it hasn’t betrayed us yet. A couple years later, we added the malt, hops and barley supplements, and goddamn, we’re some Mighty Healthy motherfuckers now. Get your crew and the wannabees on this regimen with The 420 and The O.E. Tees, and before you know it – BAM! Billy Mays style – instant Popeyes. Don’t ask questions, just do it like the Nike swoosh.

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Two of our new favorites. The Raping the Land Tee depicts exactly that, with a print of an oil rig digging through the earth with a striped and star-spangled background. “Alternative energy sources? What’s that,” asked the Bush Administration (probably). Here’s to hoping our man Obama follows through on some campaign promises and makes this country a better, healthier, less-polluted place to live.

Question authority, folks. Cliché time: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything, and if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Don’t let the media, politicos, friends or family tell you how to think or what to believe… read a book! Be informed! Make your own decisions! … but, you know, if we say it, then you know it’s true, so ALWAYS listen to us hypocrites here at KarmaloopBlogs. The Question Authority Tee features a question mark print and background filled with some of the world’s most famous (and infamous) cultural and political icons, from Jesus Christ to Charles Manson, each deserving of a raised, skeptical eyebrow and a hearty call of “BULLSHIT” once in a while.

This is just a small sample of the madness Freshjive left for us at Karmaloop – click the banner below and get a good look at more tees guaranteed to cause a reaction, fresh denims and khakis, out-of-control outerwear, hats and accessories.

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