Dorsia Reservations [American Psycho Dub]


Sharing it’s name with our absolute favorite, fictitious restaurant (that we can never seem to gain a reservation at), Dorsia gear exudes more class than a sharp-dressed Patrick Bateman while keeping you just as fresh and clean as dude’s personal hygiene products.

Adding modern, street-wise twists to traditional men’s clothing, Dorsia collections typically incorporate American prep, French chic and Italian tailoring in it’s garments – often all at once. What amazes us, however, is Dorsia’s ability to combine each influence without coming off as pretentious bastards with better business cards than we have.


Speaking of that American prep, French chic and Italian tailoring orgy of fashion, case in point are the jackets. Whereas The Kenneth Coat (above right) definitely vibes towards European influences with the wrap-around belt high collar and shoulder epaulets, it is still just at home here in The States as the workwear-inspired Henry Jacket. While each jacket tributes worldly influences, both are furthermore culturally ambiguous with the premier craftsmanship, attention to detail (check out the linings) and supreme warmth and comfort. The Henry’s 55/45 cotton/poly blend means total breathability, crucial for the up-and-down temps of the fall season, while the 100% cotton twill Kenneth Coat is simply warmth-plus. Trust, these jackets will have you so bonkers that ATM machines will ask you to feed ‘em stray cats (or so you think… crazy. You’re crazy!).


We get stoked on buttondowns this time of year, and Dorsia might have gone and produced our latest, greatest loves. The Tyler (left) and Charlie Buttondowns are so basic that it’s almost an insult to call it so, but the toned-down look is simply killing shit. That mean, clean look totally stands out on it’s own or makes it a perfect complement beneath a compatible sweater or jacket, but…


… the bad, plaid joints are just out of control. The Toby (left) and Damien Buttondowns present the same quality stitching and bitchin’ slimmer fits, but especially with The Damien, feature a more utilitarian look with the convertible sleeves and super-intense plaid pattern that’s been a staple for rough n’ tumble motherfuckers in the plumbing, construction and chainsaw-chasing industries for decades. You know how much trim that workman look pulls? No matter what lies they tell you, ladies love a tough guy, so at least try and look the part, sis.


Our favorites for the line, however, are the sweaters, The George V Nk in particular. Crazy for the streets or the high-class set, cop our pal George and you’ll be humming “Sussudio” with unsuspecting call girls in no time. The kangaroo-style pocket is a nice touch, and with it’s thrill-with-no-frills aesthetic, this is one to wear on the next visit home after mom gives you the “you need to calm down and grow up” talk… or confessing murder to your lawyer. But hey, we’re not gonna tell you how to live your life. Now if you’ll excuse us… we have to return some videotapes.



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