Back in Black (and Graphite and Brown and Purple and…)


It was last year’s best-selling jacket – spring or winter, leather or otherwise – by a long-shot. Selling out all sizes within just a few hours on the initial drop and even quicker each time we re-stocked, LRG’s Lamb of God Leather Jacket was a sensation in and of itself last winter. The Lifted Ones, wisely, decided to bring it back like boomerrangs, herpes and dub tracks just a bit earlier this year with a late-fall release just in time for the big chill.

Featuring the same cut as last year’s gem, The Revenge of Lamb of God Leather Jacket highlights a few new tweaks, additions, subtractions and, for all of you maintaining your pickup from a year ago, new colorways for a new year. Check out some flicks and more details below.



The first, most noticeable difference from last year’s joint: fewer, but more pronounced pockets. Last year’s piece featured two zip chest pockets rather than the singular pocket at the left on the updated version, and while the original Lamb of God had similar button-closure waist pockets, the stitching and detail pops right off of the Revenge. Liking the slimmer, more sleek look to the jacket with just one chest pocket these days, and the blatant, raised seams, stitching and detail is killin’ it. Stoked to see the shoulder epaulettes made it through the final revisions giving the jacket a clean, militaristic aesthetic.


Last year’s Lamb of God Jacket in Red: notice the bulkier cuffs, hem and collar; waist pockets visable only by the button-flaps; dual zip chest pockets look (don’t hate us) too Thriller-era Michael Jackson.



For our no-frills, fuck-thrills pals, check out The Grass Roots Leather, also new for 2009 through the New Year. The Grass Roots model presents the same cut as The Revenge of Lamb of Gods joint with a full-zip closure and snap-button welt pockets at the waist, minus the epaulette, stitching and button-up madness. Still a jacket so dope it should be sold in grams, and depending on the black, blue or tan colorway, $75 or $130 less, respectfully (fuckin’ recession).


Hung up for chest pockets and a slightly roomier cut? Go for the Gusto – literally. The Gusto 47 Leather Jacket features a denim jacket aesthetic with LRG’s butter-soft dead-animal skin build. Like the other leather pieces, the signature acetate satin lining gives each an added level of swank.

p.s. The Gusto 47 in red is a beast.


LRG did again just how they’ve been doing it for Karmaloop over the years – a massive drop of epic proportions. Click the banner below to check it out.



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