Dentsu + eepmon

eepmon + Dentsu (D.O.G.)eepmon + Dentsu (D.O.G.)eepmon + Dentsu (D.O.G.)

Recently some of my eepmon works have been installed at Dentsu Canada’s new office over at the corner of King and Duncan, Toronto.

Called the “Dentsu Outdoor Gallery” (D.O.G.), this new gallery initiative is designed to feature Canadian artists from a broad range of disciplines including graffitists, mixed-media artists, illustrators, street artists, photographers and visual artists. It is an honor to be the first artist to jump start this initiative.

Here is also some video footages during the installation.
eepmon + Dentsu (D.O.G.) Installation 1
eepmon + Dentsu (D.O.G.) Installation 2

Check it out if you are in the area!

eepmon + Dentsu (D.O.G.)


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