photos: magic spring 07

still decompressing.

rocksmith tokyo at magic. thanks for stopping by!

rocksmith tokyo at magic

new spring rocksmith footwear.

rocksmith tokyo spring footwear

best bunny at the playboy suite. i need to get one of these for the studio.

playboy suite at the palms

view is outrageous.

the view from the playboy suite at the palms

bacon or sausage $5.99.

bill’s gambling hall

kilo goods tiffany hoody $100.

kilo goods tiffany hoody

whatchu know about victor’s! street fighter in the back and the king of all gumball machines.

magic gumball candy factory

they also draw smiley faces on their cups.

happy faces on cups

terrible’s: typical vegas-style establishment.


old showgirls on tv. she’s a natural blonde.

natural blonde

“it hurts to breathe.”


check it out, vegas has its own PBS branding. what!!

vegas pbs branding

this is really sexy…

the flamingo

the flamingo

the flamingo


vegas is full of prestige and world-record holders.

world’s largest gift shop

dude in front of me on the plane had the ill comb-over. mad greezy.

the ill comb-over

leaving the land of mall-size liquor stores. ’til next time.

leaving las vegas

leaving las vegas


back in new york and back on the grind…

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