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RZA - Bobby Digital

Consisting of nine NY natives, the Wu-Tang Clan is arguably one of the most influential rap groups and possibly one of the best in hip-hop history. Wu-Tang constituents are well renowned for their use of imagery and graphic metaphors throughout their lyrics and videos, most notably in “Triumph.” The name Wu-Tang stems from the martial arts film, Shaolin and Wu Tang, where warriors were trained to fight in the Wu-Tang kung fu style. Since their creation in 1992, the Wu have fused many different artistic influences into their music, videos and especially cover art. Together Wu-Tang and their affiliates have dropped over 100 albums and mixtapes, each with their own distinct and creative cover art that continue to catch the eyes of fans across the globe.

The Wu-Tang “W” is one of the most distinguishable logos in hip-hop culture. Wu clan members adorn the “W” logo on everything from clothing to chains, but it is most prominent on dozens of album covers. By staying consistent with the infamous “W,” the Clan have made themselves instantly recognizable and popular within hip-hop culture.

GZA and DJ Muggs – Grandmasters

GZA joins forces with DJ Muggs on the cleverly titled Grandmasters album. As the self proclaimed grandmasters of their crafts, GZA and Muggs use the “grandmasters of chess” theme to express their deft skill and intellect. The flags of the chess table mirror the shape of the “W” logo and the chess game imagery reflects the chess terminology used in the track listing like “Queen’s Gambit,” “Unprotected Pieces,” “Advanced Pawns,” and “Smothered Mate.”

Masta Killa – No Said Date

Masta Killa brings listeners back to the vintage, old school meets new school sound of Wu-Tang in tracks like “Digi Warfare,” “School” and “Old Man.” The Masta Killa initials are reminiscent of the classic “W” logo on a back drop of splattered paint and a mixture of classic hip-hop images of a turntable and speaker as well as a few fantasy references like the demon that are often featured in the more creative Wu album covers.

Method Man – Tical

Method Man foreshadows the dark themes and deep bass of Tical, specifically in “Biscuits” and “Sub Crazy,” with deep hues and intense dark, wispy cover art. His marijuana references parallel the picture of him blowing smoke and the tattered “W” logo mimics that of a horror story.

RZA – Bobby Digital in Stereo

Bobby Digital in Stereo introduced the world to RZA’s cyber-thug, alter-ego Bobby Digital. This album cover depicts the heroic Bobby Digital over a back drop of fast cars, girls and enemies emerging from a giant “W” logo.

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  1. it would be cool to do an interview like this.. with WU (rza .. etc ), but include in the discussion the chang in the W logo from the early 12″s to the W logo we know today. (they are slightly different)

  2. while I obviously cannot speak for the group, i have always seen the evolution of the wu symbol in congruence with the evolution of their music. almost every wu based album has shown the “W” in a methamorphisis that depicts the different shades of the members that make the group. Wu has always been at the top of the hip hop scene, and in my opinion, will historically be seen as markers of the urban society of america.

  3. I was asked to expand on my thoughts, and so I did. Let’s see what you think…

    The Wu has always, in my opinion, been the epitome of intelligent marketing in the hip-hop industry. The New York super-group were trendsetters during the early 90’s in every way possible, however, in this essay I will focus mainly on their visual strategy as I perceived it.
    The first Wu product I bought was a single cassette, clear plastic, with a white outer sleeve branded with a black sword. The only track I remember from it was, of course, M.E.T.H.O.D Man. You must understand that during these times R&B groups were the most prominent urban style of music being pushed into the suburban market(think BBD and Kris Kros). When we showed up at our middle school blasting this tape from the boom-box that we snuck in to the lunch room, it was panicle.
    Soon enough 36 Chambers dropped, and everyone I knew had a copy. I remember vividly playing their CD (one of my first) during my 15th birthday. While the music was obviously amazing to us, the coolest thing about the Wu was the mystique. Who were these guys? There were no faces on the album cover, and I remember rewinding Rza’s shout outs to the clan, studying it so I could learn their names correctly.
    Over time the individual members broke out of these faceless, almost comic book roles that they had created. However, they always paid homage to the “W”. Method Man inverted it, and in doing so philosophically corrupted me into looking at things differently. Raekwon made it look like he literally had the Wu behind him on his first solo venture. Gza went even deeper into the comic book style, utilizing the theater of the mind, by using a hand drawn cover while still incorporating the “W”. And while some will argue that Ghost broke away from it, I would argue that he, Raekwon, and Cappadonna make three points that signify the W on the cover of his Ironman album.
    From this point on, in my mind, the branding of the Wu members was complete. To this day I picture the “W” every time I hear one of their voices. While many other cliques in the rap scene have tried to brand their styles visually (throw your diamonds up), none will be able to compete with the Wu. Perhaps it was the timing of their pop explosion with my own coming of age. Perhaps it was exquisite vision by this group to see the long term effects of their work. However, in the end, whenever I see that symbol it takes me back to a time in my own life when the vibe was pure.

  4. I can vaguely remember drawing Wu logos on the corner of my desks and notebooks. The logo is simple and easy and that is probably why fans love it so much. Glad to see the Wu-Tang Clan has had such an effect on your life but I wouldn’t call Kris Kross urban contemporary R&B because I definitely cite the “Jump Jump” single as one of the first rap tapes I actually owned.

  5. Good lookin’ on the Wu biz — but why so much Jr. Wu, and not the 1st stringers?

    By that I mean specifically, where’s Genius/GZA? His rotating of the “W” and adding the arrow-head to create a “G” wuz str8t-up brilliant!

    As a sidenote: peep the Cotton Comes to Harlem album cover for the inspiration behind Bobby Digital; also, that magnificent album cover wuz painted by none other than comics god Bill Sienkiewicz (who also did the Business as Usual cover for EPMD), and the afore-mentioned GZA cover wuz drawn by Denys Cowan, another comics-veteran….

  6. This is only one part of the Wu cover saga so to say. There are more original members in the other categories just you wait.

  7. im a big fan of the wu. can i have any of dis cds masta killah 37 chamber,rza, beneth d surface and jail brake and i have some those cd.big 2 cappa,rza,method, ghost, raek, ins, masta u-god,gza,and rest n peace odb 1 luv. frm wuche.

  8. The Wu-tang clan never fail to execute, this is coming from their most die-hard fan from the mid-west,I’m a original and bonofide w.t.c.fan and I’ve introduced their flavor to many in my region.I had the honor to witness the Wu perform live at the House of Blues in Chi-town,one of the most exilerating experiences of my life.It really made me appreciate being a true w.t.c.fan keep doing your thing and spreading the Art across the globe.Rza,Gza,Raekwon,Method,Ghost,U-God,Inspecta,Masta-kill,and Cappadon one-love, Wu-Tang Forever.

  9. i need help in looking for the wu tang ladies tee shirt.its the shirt thats in the raekwon video ice cream,which is my song.i want to get the chocolate deluxe tee shirt.tried every where to get it but no success.or if any one know how to get a custom ice cream tee the chocolate deluxe one please get at me.help a sista out

    sincerely ms chocolate girl wonder

  10. emeka Nwankiti says:

    i am writing from nigeria and truth be told wu tang rock over here. but its like they have gone under since the death of ODB. No one can spit rap like mcgrit he will forever be my best rapper so Wu i wolud like to hear something new from you guys. an album better than the W

  11. Whats up yall!! Ever since 36 chambers, the Wu’s been the shit!!! They make you think and expand your mind!! I still be listening to their old stuff to this day!! And im a Texas boy!! A lot of people be talkin down on them because they dont understand half the stuff they be saying and using alot of big words and their thought of mind!! Anyways, i feel sorry for todays generation of kids. They have sorry ass music to listen to and a bunch of one hit wonders! All these fools talk about is money, jewels, cars, clothes etc etc. Shit that 80% of rappers dont live by and dont experience. The music has no content. Anyone can be a rapper. Its gotten mainstream to the point where it is embraced in commercials and anything else you would least expect. Hip Hop/Rap is weak and is a dying genre!! I liked it when it was a form of rebellion and looked down on. I used to buy the Source and XXL and any other magazines that supported the culture. I used buy them to get release dates and info on upcoming releases but now it just sucks. Nothing grasps my attention anymore and nothin is worth buying. There is nothing to look forward to. Im 27 and ive been listening to REAL hip hop/rap since i was 10. So i know what im talkin bout. To all yall young heads out there listening to Dipset, MIMS, T Pain, Shawty Lo, Flo-Rida, Solja Boy and anything else that makes you feel like dancing, go get some OLD Wu Tang cds (Enter the 36 chambers, Only Built for Cuban Linx, Liquid Swords, Iron Man, Wu Tang Forever, Supreme Clientele, etc etc) and listen to some real shit. Them cd’s are like movies. Cause it all comes down to LYRICS. Not beats and stupid hooks!! It comes down to MC’ing and content! Like i said, Im from Texas and of course i listen to our music. But i have to give respect when its due and the WU will always be on top of my list!! Above Scarface, UGK and Fat Pat!!! I dont discriminate on any regions and shit like that! I just recognize real and WU is most def real!! All my old heads back me up on this one if your a Wu fan!! And for yall young heads, the members of Wu loved watching kung fu movies and reading comic books while growing up. Thats why there are alot of kung fu skits and have dozens of aliases! They are also 5 percenters. So dont let the kung fu skits and all the crazy names discourage you. Just pretend youre about to listen to a corny Lil Wayne or Kanye West song. Give it a shot!! Already!!

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