Vinyl Cast: NVC, Devilrobots, Axis of Evil, CompatiBalls, Smorkin Lenin


NVC Crew- Ishikawa: The Roller Warrior
This is one of the most creative human characters that I’ve seen in a long time. Dr. Bao and Spive of the NVC are always finding new ways to fuse their love of hip-hop and Samurai – note the helm and Timberland boots. Not content to stay in the standard 3” mold group, the guys broke free and doubled it up to 6”. Rumor has it that Ishikawa spent some time studying under Mr. Miyagi back in his early days in Yokohama. “Roll up, roll down! Roll up, roll down!”


Kubrick x Devilrobots 10th anniversary
I’m not sure how these flew under the radar, either they were under-hyped, or just highly limited with their release. Anyway, for their 10th anniversary, Devilrobots teamed up with Kubricks to release a pair of chrome and gold plated figures. Devilrobots is best known for their neurotic To-Fu Oyako family and the Evirob series.

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Axis of Evil Limited Edition Box Set
If you live in the Santa Monica area, you can swing by the Santa Monica Museum of Art Bergamot Station and snag a super evil new limited edition Axis of Evil set by Plasticgod from Super Rad Toys. The set comes with the usual suspects, Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong Il, George Bush, Tony Blair, and a transparent ghost figure of Saddam Hussein! A must have for all enemies of democracy or your average conspiracy/toy head. Figures stand 5” high with seven points of articulation.

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Finally a vinyl toy that you can actually play with and admire! If you still actually play with your figures like you did when you were five years old, well, I guess that’s cool, but for those of us who outgrew that, Compatiballs are a really great invention. They are more like interactive puzzles. So far just released are the Tigerball and Froggiball, but more are slated for release, thanks to Toy Tokyo and their award winning Israeli artist/creator, Shulzo.

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Smorkin Lenin Bust
Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks? Frank Kozik’s must have been. To squash all grumblings over poor quality resin busts, he’s released this smorkin’ Lenin beauty. It’s made from eyepopping rhodomine red resin stands, stands 15” high, and is geared with a 1920’s style pinstripe baseball jersey. Only available on the Kid Robot site only for now with only two per customer. Curse those communists and their limited hand-outs! Don’t they know by now that it just doesn’t work?

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