Vinyl Cast: Kiiro, Money Grip, Toy Break, Monkey King, Super Market


Kiiro Scavenger Hunt
Kiiro are the newest mini-series creations to come from the fertile minds that make up Devilrobot studios. They have a typical minimalistic, soft vinyl aesthetic and are available in an eye-popping array of colors that will make you want to make them your own. If you really love them, you can give up a small chunk of your life between March and April and try to complete one of Kid Robot’s notorious scavenger hunts for a grand prize of $1,500 worth of swag and Kiiros.



Money Grip Customs @ My Plastic Heart
Last month I saw a custom show based on Kano’s classic Money Grip mold at My Plastic Heart in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Over a hundred fans showed up and at least 20 artists were involved, including NVC Crew, Marka27 and Pon. The customs are now available for sale. Grab ‘em while you can; they’re flying! Featured in the image is Jason Limon’s “Rusty Plunk.”



Toy Break TV
Toy Break TV is probably the only online vinyl toy based video podcast. Made up of the kooky husband and wife team George and Ayleen Gaspar, and the ever joviall Matt Aylward, they like to “showcase designer vinyl, plush action figures, collectibles, how-to’s, interviews and more.” If you want an honest to goodness, no bull sh*t or industry ass-kissing deconstruction of what’s out there, then you should definitely tune in. Interesting tidbit; the Toy Break crew also runs and operates their own designer toy label, October Toys, best known for the Gwin Army productions.



Monkey King
Artist/Designer Nathan J. of Scary Girl fame is back in the swing of things, hopping from tree to tree with his Monkey King figure. The series will be released in three different molds and colors, and stands 8 inches high. There’s the brown Earth Monkey, the orange Fire Monkey and the SDCC ’08 Exclusive Metal Monkey that will be available at the festival. The Monkey King is a trickster from Chinese mythology and is actually the character that Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series was based on.



Super Market Toy Series 1: Mothman vs. Flatwoods Monster
Like many in the art and toy scenes, David Horvath is intrigued by the paranormal. He’s so intrigued that he has decided to release some toys celebrating two of the freakiest unexplained creatures ever reported in West Virginia. Thanks to the Mothman Prophecies movie, the flying winged alien was brought in to mainstream pop culture. The Flatwoods Monster, with a surprisingly strong following in Asia, is a little more obscure. The story is fairly typical, a couple gets lost in the woods and reports seeing a bizarre 10 foot tall humanoid with “bulging, non-human eyes and a head shaped like a heart/ace of spades. ” Yeah, you know, the usual…


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