Vinyl Cast: Kid Robot, Jamungo, Moody Idols, Seamour the Sheep


Kid Robot Super Mini Key Chain Series 3
I saw these at the local collector’s shop the other day and couldn’t resist grabbing one. I was really impressed by the level of detail and range of articulation of the arms and head. I was hoping for the high contrast luciadore but ended up with the pirate who is actually a pretty dope score. You can barely tell there’s a robot under the beard, had eye-patch, and hook hand. Actually reminds me a bit of those old playmobile figures. Price wise ($3.95US) and details wise they’re a real steal of a deal.

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Jamungo: Bud of the Month
Jamungo is announcing to release a new customized Bud every month for the next six months. This first edition is being released through Rotofugi and is titled: URFUKT A BOMB. It has a bit of a Kaws/chomper-meets Japanese WWII bomber vibe going on. The toys were limited to 200 and released last week so I’m pretty sure they’re all gone to some lucky bastards. I wonder what would happen if you taped down a wad of strike-anywhere match heads and whipped it at someone…could cause some serious damage, eh?

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Bovinyl: Moody Idols Show
In the tradition of DIY vinyl mould kits like the Gwinn comes a newer face on the block called Moody, cleverly named so after his bovine character and range of emotion. According to his creators, Moody is a “unique hybrid cow/demons” standing eight inches high, and with three points of articulation (neck and shoulders). Hailing from Calgary the Bovinyl crew has launched an major vinyl art exhibit featuring some amazing works by top international names like Marka27 (US), PhuEK (Singapore), Bunka (FR) and others. If you happen to be in that area you can check out the show at the University of Lethbridge’s Helen Christou Gallery until January 11, 2008

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Seamour the Sheep: Illuminative edition
I feel like I’m going soft on y’all now but I might as well keep up with this barnyard theme I’ve got going on and introduce the latest edition to the Wookieweb—the guysl that brought us the multi-award winning Treeson toy last year—roster. Can they do it again? Well, Seamore is definitely innovative for a vinyl toy, doubling as a USB night light so you can count sheep while you’re falling asleep at your desk. Who knew that vinyl was such a great light transmitter?

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