Vinyl Cast Issue 37


Squeezel by Touma
Touma is the creator of innovative and aggressive bits of toy art. Squeezel stands 9 inches high and has a bendable prehensile tail/fist specially built for squeezin’ your iPod or cell phone in its mighty grip. The figure is set to drop in June 2008, so keep your calendars marked. As usual, I’m sure you can expect multiple colorways for this guy as well.


Little Trickers by Touma
If you’re on a budget, missed out on the limited Grabbits or just can’t fit big ass toys in your work or home space, you might be interested in Touma’s new Little Trickers, blind-box series. It’s basically a Best Of Touma’s model series using Knucklebears, Grabbits, Aniballon Bears, Bonga Kongas, Snouts, and a bunch of mystery models/designers; definitely very exciting! These should be out in June as well.



Evirob, 18-inch Figure!!!!
For all the alien fetishists, DEVILROBOTS is releasing a massive 18-inch version of one of their original 2001 mascots, Evirob. According to his creators, Evirob started off as a project to show off the designers’ darker sides. Evirob is glossy and dripping with weirdness.



T-Boy, Shin Tanaka
Shin Tanaka, from Japan, is best known for his elaborate paper toy work where he mixes fantasy with street fashion with surreal little monsters. Maybe he realized that people were having trouble building his templates from scratch, so 7-inch vinyl figures are being released of his seminal T-boy figure, with Engrish t-shirt styling.



UltraKing, by UltraMan
UltraKing is being brought to life by the Hong Kong artist Ultraman. According to our sources, Ultraking’s bulky frame is “the result of his love for instant noodles and his favorite banana-flavored soya bean pudding. He enjoys head banging to rock music and hitting baseball with his pals in his free time. His other hobbies include playing online games and fiddling with remote-control cars, riding the waves on his wakeboard, and choreographing his own dance styles.” Backstory notwithstanding, Ultraking is shaping up to be a standout piece in any collection and will stand 8 inches high.


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