For this issue of Spraycan Stories, Servo tells Format what it is like to be a graffiti artist coming from the West Coast of Canada now residing in Japan


I have been exploring Asia for the past two years living in Japan, and now Taiwan. I am hoping to get out and see more of the surrounding countries like Thailand in the next few months.


My style is a collaboration of my own and heavy influences from my crew. I only rep one crew at the moment (CME). The writers include Spek, Ways, Dehs, Asesr, and Sarks. We are all from Canada, and pride ourselves on rocking to the best of our ability and getting up as much as possible.


Asia has given my style a huge jump start! Especially now in Taiwan, graffiti is still quite young so people do not know what to think of it, so I feel free to elaborate on my existing style. Many times while bombing, passerbyers will stand and watch unknowingly of what is going on. There are tons of abandoned buildings with ample amount of walls to hit all around the city. Not once have I found myself with nothing to paint. Many people are interested in this strange form of art. Many are eager to try it themselves and of course some people dismiss it as pure vandalism. This place has become a graffiti Mecca in the past year with many people coming to visit to see what this small island has to offer.


Japan is also a very unique place in itself. Graffiti however is frowned upon and getting caught is a free ticket home. I had a chance to visit many cities between Osaka and Hiroshima. I met a lot of great people who would give you the skin off their back before I even really had a chance to get to know them. That is the way that their culture is. I bombed the track-sides heavily and went to crazy spots in the middle of the fore-set with wild boars running around trying to bite you. That was the shit! There are always new spots to find and new adventures to be had!

Thanks to Format Mag. I would like to give shouts to my crew, and people who are up in the city right now. Asesr, Host, Spooz, Dabs, Saym and Bobo. Keep rockin out!

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