Secret Base x Ungaru ‘Hasadhu Shingon Skull’

There’s something timeless about a skull, and because of that innate fascination with death, we’re in love with this ‘Hasadhu Shingon Skull’ created by Secret Base & Ungaru. What we’re not in love with is the price, which thanks to google translator we now know is priced at $12,600 USD.

Erik R. Adler

Erik R. Adler

Editorial Director
Erik Adler is the Editorial Director for GroundWave Media Group. He's what you might call 'Man Pretty'
Erik R. Adler
Erik R. Adler

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  1. The exchange rate for the Japanese yen is nowhere near 1:1 with the United States dollar, If Mr.Adler effort had been put into writing this he would have found the price to be closer to $156.23. I do not intend to attack the author with my comment, I only request that this blatant falsehood be corrected.

  2. Erik R. Adler says:

    Hey, my apologies…but I actually didn’t do the conversion myself…Google translator was the culprit!

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