Morgan Slade – Company Killers at Shooting Gallery

Los Angeles based artist Morgan Slade’s solo exhibition Company Killers opens this weekend at Shooting Gallery in San Fransisco. Slade’s work features photographic prints of women in hyper-sexualized poses wearing football helmets, mascot heads, bandannas and masks, which he then defaces and reworks into mixed media works of art. Slade creates a complex relationship between subject and subjection, giving women strength through fierce poses and gritted teeth, and yet ultimately making them props of a paint-stained fetish show.

The real message in Slade’s work is about consumerism and the modern condition. Could the young women featured in his work be an aesthetic metaphor for contemporary society? Trapped, cheapened and made dirty by the modern condition and yet appearing to love it all the same. Check out the images and see for yourself.

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

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